Modifying your website

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Modifying your website

Post  LucyFinegan on Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:44 pm

With changes occurring in a rapid manner in the world of Internet, it is necessary to constantly update your website to catch up with the latest trends and improve the functionality features of the site. Modifying the website may be done either to fix a problem with the existing website i.e., patch it up, or remove the existing and start building an entirely new one. Re-designing/ modifying are serious and costly processes. It is important that you understand the demand for this. This will help you to decide whether you have to just re-design it or create an entirely new site. Let us look into a few reasons which may prompt you to redesign your site.
I) updating your website to meet the current web standards
II) To improve the performance of your website.
III) Improve the look and feel of the website in general.
IV) While rebranding the company or its products, services etc.
V) To improve the accessibility or to add new functionality features etc.
Increasing the accessibility of a site is a crucial factor determining the success of a site. It increases the traffic inflow, thereby generating more income. While modifying your website, make sure that it keeps up with the latest trends of the internet. But do not modify your internet just to keep up with the trends because it may be just a wasteful expenditure without any results. Always ensure that adopting trends helps you to focus on achieving the goals of the website.
The visitors and users determine whether the website is a success or a failure. Hence the designer should have a clear, constant knowledge of the likes and dislikes of visitors so that he can design the website in a way that is both attractive and acceptable to them. Asking the clients for feedback will give you a better idea on how to modify the website.
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