[WTS] 125x125 on a PR4 Make Money Online Blog

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[WTS] 125x125 on a PR4 Make Money Online Blog

Post  Kovich on Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:40 pm

Hello everyone!

One of my current advertising contracts has expired - so I'm looking to see who wants to claim the space that is now available on my blog. I have 1 open space at the moment. All spaces are 125x125, as the title states.

My blog currently has a PageRank of 4, and is expected to rise to 5 at the next update. There are currently 65 published posts, all high-quality, of course. I also introduced a new business directory and a classified ads feature, which will result in additional exposure for your advertisement.

I am not looking for much for these spaces - $5 per month is what I've been selling them at, and I feel as though such a price is certainly reasonable.

Please reply if you're interested. Thank you very much!

Immediately Available Slots:

Upcoming Slots:


Blog is located at: Make Money Online
Payment Method: PayPal


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